Wall Magazine:

All the departments and clubs publish wall-magazines to exhibit the talents and writing skills of the students, to give expression to their feelings and to act as a bridge between students of various subjects. There are 18 such corners in the college to exhibit these talents.

  • Script IT – English
  • Sudharshan – Hindi
  • Sirigannada – Kannada
  • Subodhini – Sanskrit
  • Spatika – Chemistry
  • Spectra – Physics
  • Sigma – Mathematics
  • Genome – Biology
  • Sankhya – Statistics
  • Explora IT – Computer Science
  • Vanika – Commerce
  • PrajaDhwani – Political Science
  • Historica – History
  • Oikonomia – Economics
  • Psy-Nic – Psychology
  • Kridavani – Physical Education
  • Utthana – NSS
  • Echoe – Eco Club
  • Range-Rover -Rovers and Rangers

Fine Arts:

Talented and interested students are trained in different cultural activities like Drama, Yakshagana, music and dance, supervised by a group of faculty members. The college is represented by a group in the SDM Kalavaibhava team every year. In addition, interested students are trained in various fine arts by qualified trainers in SDM Cultural Centre and are provided a platform to participate in various inter collegiate competitions.


The college has an integrated sports infrastructure which includes a playground attached with full fledged stadium, indoor stadium, multi-gym, swimming pool, playing courts for tennis, volley ball, basketball, and net ball. All these facilities are utilized by deserving students selected by trained physical directors and coaches throughout the year. Selected students are adopted and provided with free food, hostel and college fees.

Red cross:

It is a voluntary humanitarian society that provides relief in times of disasters and emergencies. It also promotes healthcare. The main objective of this society is to improve the lives of vulnerable people by mobilizing the power of humanity. The Red Cross unit of the Institution motivates to inculcate human values, helpfulness, co-operation and kindness among the students.

“SEVA DHARMA HUMARA HAI”: Service is our Religion.

Under the above category the society conducts following activities:
  • Blood Donation Camp
  • Disease Awareness Programme
  • Healthcare Programme
  • Celebration of World Red Cross Day
  • Visit to special school

Rovers and Rangers:

Rovers and Rangers unit of the college began in 1995. It is a unit of The Bharath Scouts and Guides. This unit in the college is monitored by two faculty members. It conducts programs to sensitize the student’s fraternity to issues of social responsibility like road discipline, national spirit. It is a voluntary, non-political, educational platform for young people, open to all without any distinction of origin, race or creed in accordance with the principles, purpose and method conceived by the founder Lord Baden Powell in 1907. Rovering and Rangering are meant for Boys and Girls respectively aged between 16 and 25 with “Service” and “Adventure” as its twin mottos. Training programme on “Knots”, “First Aid”, Gandhi Jayanthi celebration, Band – set service for the celebration of Independence Day, Republic Day Celebrations and Annual Sports Meet, Awareness Programmes, Drug Bank, Blood Donation Camps are the focused areas.

Legal literacy club:

The Legal literacy club at SDM PUC functions to bring legal awareness on Indian Laws to our students. Programs are arranged under the same jurisdiction to assure the accomplishment of the goal. Legal experts are invited to address students on current issues and human rights. The association is supervised by a faculty member

Science club:

It is an association which conducts different programmes like guest lectures, PPT presentations, workshops, exhibitions, quiz contests on pure science, applied science, technology and environment. A few mandatory initiatives by the science club include-
  • To inspire competitive spirit, students are encouraged to write science Olympiad exams.
  • To develop innovative and creative skills, club organises science model making competitions every year.
  • To generate interest in pure science, we provide a platform to participate in “Inspire Internship Training Camp”, sponsored by the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India every year.

Eco club:

Eco club is a platform that sensitises students on environmental issues.


  • Creating awareness about conservation of environment.
  • Motivating students to keep their surroundings clean and green.
  • Educating on proper segregation of wastes and waste disposal.
  • Conducting programmes on conservation of nature and natural resources.
  • Organizing field visits to the Arboretum, organic farm, etc to enhance students’ knowledge about plant taxonomy and agriculture.
  • Educating students on the concept of Reduce, Reuse and Recycling.

To fulfil the above objectives, the club organises programs like World Environment Day, guest lecture, poster making, collage making, painting, crossword formation, quiz.

Hobby circle:

Hobby club is an avenue to unwrap one’s potentials, polish them, embellish them and be a proud beholder of many skills. The purpose of this club is to help the students to explore their hidden talents. The activities of the club is to inspire Painting, Origami, pencil sketching, Mehendi competition, art out of waste, cooking without fire, collage making, stamp and currency collections.


The National Service Scheme (NSS) is an Indian Government-sponsored public service program conducted by the Department of Youth Affairs and Sports of the Government of India. The scheme was launched in Gandhiji’s Centenary year 1969 aiming at developing student’s’ personality through community service. NSS is a voluntary association of the College since 2009. Annual Special Camp, Adoption of School, Awareness Activities on Water Conservation, Food Wastage, Anti-Drug Abuse, Civic Sense and Energy Efficiency, Blood Donation Camp and Planting the Saplings are the focused areas undertaken by the unit.

Women development cell:

Established in 2009, this cell intends to create a safety hub for girls studying in the college. WDC is created to provide a platform where students can comfortably participate, share their views and actively promote gender equality.

WDC looks after the welfare of the girls, facilitates the redressal of their grievances and caters to the issues /grievances concerned to them.

In Association with the leading NGO ,WDC conducts Gender Sensitization workshops for all the students of I PUC. It also conducts Legal Awareness camps, workshops on health and hygiene, women empowerment programmes, self defence and need based counselling to  female students in the campus.

Career guidance:

The students of Pre-university education need proper orientation to select their future path for higher education. This is cultured by conducting various programs from experts to the students of different streams. This ignites the young minds to open up for higher learning. The career guidance cell of the college ensures the completion of this goal.

Humanity club:

This club is focused on programs which induces spirit of human values. Awareness creating talks on organ donation, blood grouping and senior citizen welfare are few of the frequent activities of the club.

Rotaract Club

Rotaract club brings people of ages 18-30 together. Rotary and Rotaract members work side by side to develop personality, leadership and professional skills and have fun through service. The purpose of the club is to provide an opportunity for young minds to enhance and to develop leadership skills and a sense of social responsibility.

Student welfare:

Our College has the following student supporting programmes which are executed in a systematic manner.


  • Value education
    SDM PUC combines value education with formal education, thanks to the founding principles of core development advocated at SDM. We ensure the holistic growth of student personalities as we sternly monitor academic growth.
  • Mentorship
    Each batch of students at SDM PUC has a Mentor. A mentor is a lecturer who supports his/her students for their growth and development while they are in college.
    The Mentor shall meet the students under his care once every week
    and discuss any issue the student would like to discuss. The mentor
    holds the responsibility to help the student to sort out and resolve the issues. Mentor also guides the students to improve his learning skill and supporting him personal matter if needed.
  • Remedial classes
    Remedial instructions help struggling learners shore up their basic skills. This extra support helps to catch up with their peers. Students who have temporarily fallen behind in their studies or otherwise need short-term support in their learning can avail remedial teaching. Remedial teaching starts immediately when the difficulties in learning or class attendance are noticed, to ensure that the students do not stay behind permanently in their studies.
  • Midday meal
    Every year the college provides mid-day meals to deserved students. This facility helps economically modest students and students who come from remote areas. The financial assistance are provided by the old student’s association and the college faculties. It is arranged through the college canteen.
  • Students’ council
    For the proper understanding of democracy students’ representative elections are conducted every year in the college. The students are categorized under a forum and develop leadership quality, time management, initiation to conduct various programs and to develop a good rapport with faculties.
  • Student edition newspaper
    To understand current affairs and to develop the reading habits amongst the students, students subscribe to popular student edition newspapers throughout the year.
  • Counselling Centre.
    The Counselling Centre has been established by keeping in mind the problems of students, particularly the newcomers. Our youth are the most vulnerable section of the society and must be protected from being misled, trapped or resorting to undesirable activities. In such a situation, the center plays a vital role in channelizng the energy of students in a positive and constructive manner.
  • Student Appraisal
    To build a proper understanding between teachers and students, on-line appraisal is conducted every year. Students rate the performance of the teachers which helps teachers to improve their method of teaching, By means of which they can perform better and reach the students in more effective ways.
  • Scholarships
    To get the benefits of government enabled scholarships, economically backward/meritorious students are guided to avail the facilities. The college motivates and encourages deserving students for better performance by assisting them with different scholarships at the college and department levels. The meritorious students are also provided with special annual scholarships.