For student cravings, the college canteen is situated right outside the college building which dabbles in a variety of vegetarian cuisines. It is superior and innovative in dinning solutions, which is open the whole day during college hours.

Bank/ATM/Post office

For the convenience of the students and faculty banking facility is available near the campus. Vijaya Bank (Bank of Baroda) Branch ATM is also provided for service access round the clock. The placement of the bank facilities in the premises makes cash transactions safe for the students. A fully functional post office branch is also situated near campus.

In addition to the above Karnataka bank ATM situated in the college campus and giving 24*7 service

Co-operative Store

The College has a customized co-operative store that meets the stationary requirements of the students for a competitive price. It is open in accordance with the college timings. This keeps the students within the campus even during emergency necessities. The stationary store also includes a small portion of food, healthcare materials and decorative materials. A portion of interest money earned is donated to the Mid-Day meal scheme of the college and study scholarships.


The arboretum is a unique feature of SDMC Ujire, established in 1999 with an objective of conservation and documentation of diversity of flora with reference to Western Ghats of India. More than 500 species of medicinal plants are conserved here, making way for R&D and extension activities in the field.

The arboretum was initially established with the support of Zilla Panchayat Mangalore, and is now managed by SDME Society. The plant species are conserved here in the state of art green house with a supporting nursery which produces more than 50,000 saplings every year.

Research programs are constantly undertaken with the arboretum as the primary resource, with results contributing significantly towards documentation and preservation of endangered plant species. A number of extension activities take place here, where free medicinal saplings are distributed to farmers, NGOs and students. Workshops on manure production, watershed development, grafting, field management, IPM, bio fertilizers, bio pesticides, and bio manures are conducted frequently.

The arboretum aims to facilitate the establishment of a full time training centre, a herbarium and a museum in the near future.

Sports and Fitness


The multigym consists of various standard equipments like treadmill, cycle, inclined bar etc. It is specially constructed with the view to maintain fitness of the sports candidates. It is freely available for all the students and staff.

Indoor stadium

Indraprastha auditorium is a unique, pillar-less dome structured indoor stadium. Most of the big curricular and extracurricular activities of the college are held here, The auditorium has a seating capacity of 3000. The wooden courts for shuttle badminton and table tennis are of high quality and frequently state and national level tournaments are conducted. The stage of 50X30 size and spacious green rooms cater to the needs of big troupes of performers.

Outdoor stadium

Sri D RathnavarmaHeggade stadium is a vast outdoor stadium, which can accommodate over 3000 members in a sheltered space. The stadium has a 400m track with 8 lanes. A separate weightlifting hall, multi-facility gym and a staff room. It has hosted several meets, tournaments of pre-university, state, and national importance.

Some of them are:
  • Celebrity cricket match
  • 3 State level events in football, netball and tennis
  • South India interuniversity athletic meet
  • All India Men and women volleyball tournaments
  • Vishwa Tulu Sammelana
The stadium has separate courts for long jump, high jump, shot put, javelin throw, discuss throw.


Tennis court is also of international standards with 2 mud courts and 1 concrete court. It has hosted 4 university-level matches and 1 zonal level meet.


There are 2 exclusive courts for handball matches. The participants from here have been the achievers in national level competitions.

Volley ball

Volley ball court is ideally designed to host matches of University, state, as well as national levels . Recently the college conducted All India Men and women volleyball matches. The coaching here has enabled the teams to excel in the tournaments. The SDM women team bagged runner up position in the recent national level volleyball meet.Address for correspondence


Weightlifting segment of SDM is designed entirely based on the Olympic standards. The weights used are Elica bars which are the ones used in Olympics. The training here has enabled the weightlifters to bag 3 International awards and several National awards including the prestigious Ekalavya Award for power lifting. The training as well as the diet plan is specially designed to uplift the standards of weightlifting.

Swimming Pool

The swimming pool of the college is of international standards measuring 50X25 m accommodating 10 lanes. The students are trained in various styles of swimming for a nominal fee. Several swimming competitions are regularly conducted here.