Biology Department

Established in 1966

The department conducts various activities to create awareness among the students regarding environmental issues. Coaching for the competitive exams like CET/ NEET is given regularly to the students. In collaboration with the Eco club of the college, the department of Biology organises various environmental activities.Department also conducts technology enabled classes which encourages the Students to participate in seminars and presentations

Associations and Activities

The department runs an association called ‘Genome’ to create awareness among the students regarding the flora in specific and environment in general. The department organises environment-friendly activities like observation of World Environmental Day, wild flower bouquet preparations, field visits and so on to develop an eco-friendly attitude among students. The association also organises various activities such as promotion of the use of medicinal plants, eco planning, wall magazine, environmental awareness, campus cleaning, promotion of the use of eco-friendly materials and student centric activities.