Physics Department

Established in 1966

Physics is one of the optional subjects offered in the science stream. The departmental objective is to encourage the students to pursue higher education in Physics.The department has established a study platform which helps students to excel in competitive examinations such as JEE, NEET, KVPY, KCET and NDA. The department has a fully equipped lab facility for a batch of 60 students where they learn and implement practical skills. The department also conducts technology enabled classes which encourages students to participate in seminars and presentations.

Associations and Activities

‘Spectra’, the Association of the physics department was initated with an objective to strengthen the understanding of the laws of nature and broaden the aptitude of students in the area. The department aspires to do this by organizing guest lectures, workshops and seminars from resource persons in the relevant fields.

The department brings  out a fortnightly wall magazine, “SPECTRA” which aims at dissemination of subject knowledge and independent pedagogy relevant to physics.