Psychology Department

Psychology is the science of behaviour and mind. It helps to understand oneself and others by learning the aspects of human behaviour. Psychology is one of the optional subjects in the Arts stream, offered at SDM PUC. The department aims at igniting minds and raising the aspirations of students to achieve in the field of Psychology. The department helps students to improve skills in creating, acquiring and transferring knowledge and modifying their behaviour to reflect new insights. The department also provides leverage learning through practical classes which accelerate the learning curve of students. The department also conducts technology enabled classes which encourages the Students to participate in seminars and presentations.

Associations and Activities

“Psy-nic” is the association initiated by the department, which appraises the students about various learning platforms and makes it impactful. We rely on students to actively participate and learn from their own experience and best practices of others. The activities of the association are:

  • Counselling
  • IQ Assessment
  • Class Seminars
  • Class Quiz
  • Mental Health Day celebration
  • Class Debates
  • Alumni interactions
  • PPT Presentation
  • Group discussion
  • Value Education
  • Current News Analysis